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6/18/2016 - Review by Michael Hicks

7/7/2016 - Review at The Haunted Reading Room / Mallory Heart Reviews

7/12/2016 - Guest Article at Shotgun Logic: The Oedipus Complex as a Horror Fiction Trope

7/18/2016 - Guest Article hosted by Michael Hicks: Crazy Freddy: The Legend Behind Consequences

7/29/2016 - Review at Horror Maiden Reviews

8/5/2016 - Review at The Horror Bookshelf

8/26/2016 - Interview at The Horror Bookshelf

9/1/2016 - Review at The Low Budget Reviews (YouTube)

9/12/2016 - Review at The Scary Reviews

While there may be more trickling in over time, this is the end of the Summer of Consequences tour.

3/27/2017 - Review by Dominic Stabile (Author of Stone Work and the upcoming Stone Wall).

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