Praise and Feedback

Curious what other people are saying about me and my work? This is the place to look. This list may be small now, but it's growing, and that's what matters. Check back to see when new quotes are added!

Praise for The Journal of Jeremy Todd:
"The diary looks back while simultaneously looking to the current as Mr. Todd begins to unravel further from his already harried existence.... The way the man falls apart is fairly reasonable, pivoting on a change in schedule that draws him away from his meds. Something almost typical it seems when it comes to a particular kind of mind.... Dipping toes into deprivation revenge and something akin to torture porn, this thing brings forth shades of the film Se7en by way of means of destruction, but modernized and expanded upon. Insanity builds quickly and the story plays out in remembered blips, verging while reading as if happening at the moment seamlessly. The ending was a fun surprise I did not foresee and really made the story come together. This is a fast-paced journey into the mind of a quirky madman. Entertaining and wonderfully easy to read."
-Eddie Generous,
Unnerving Magazine Review 

Praise for Three Shots and a Chaser:

"Unable to sleep, I decided to dip into this small collection. It turned out to be great midnight reading. As the title promises these are tales that can each be gulped in one swallow, with the framing device of a bar where old men tell tall tales. Full Circle is the longest and best of the bunch, a fantasy tale of a road trip that puts a troubled marriage back on the right path. John Quick has impressive writing chops and spins quite a good yarn. I am very much looking forward to reading more of his stuff."
-Russell Coy,
Author of The One Who Lies Next To You 

Praise for Consequences:

"The book begins with a bang, "Thirty years ago, Crazy Freddy hung his family up with barbed wire and skinned them alive." That is from the description, and that is enough for me to fall into the fabric that was woven by John Quick in his first published novel. The story is well constructed. The violence, brutal, and the action moves along at a fast pace.As a whole, I think, Consequences heralds the arrival of a new voice in the genre, and it is one we should all listen to, or suffer the consequences."
-Douglas Vance Castagna,
Reviewer, Author of Lust

"John Quick takes you inside the mind of a psycho path in this thriller. I read it in only two sittings because the pacing kept me turning the pages. Very well written, I enjoyed the dialogue very much, especially the young people being hunted by the killer, it felt believable and well developed, his characters weren't one dimensional, you get a chance to know them and feel for them as they are put through such horror. And horror it had, and suspense...I enjoyed the killing scenes, though some might shy away from them, I found them to be terrifyingly real. It played out in my mind as the pages turned in a great horror/thriller in my imagination. Well done! Can't wait to see more from this writer."
-Michelle Garza,
Co-Author of Mayan Blue

"This book felt like a good old fashioned slasher flick, and I thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgia factor I was getting off of it. There’s something deliciously creepy about a villain that is convinced that he is in the right - it’s the kind of crazy you just can’t reason with. The kids were smarter than the killer reckoned for, and it made for some really entertaining reading.
I hope to see more from this author soon!"
-Emily Maynard,
Reviewer, Paging Through the Days

"What we have here is a serial killer horror story, based on an urban legend in Quick’s real-life neck of the woods in Tennessee. The character work here is pretty impressive, particularly for a first-time novelist. Quick goes to some deliriously dark places and pulls off his scenes of torture and violence rather well."
-Michael Hicks,
Author, Reviewer

"A well-written, well-executed, well-played novel, a horror-thriller, coming-of-age, first-love-blossoming, rural redneck insanity, CONSEQUENCES is a biting, gory, thrill-a-minute roller coaster ride in which the suspense never lets up."
-Mallory Heart Reviews /
The Haunted Reading Room

 "Consequences is a perfect summer read, reminiscent of the slasher movies that were so prevalent in the 70's and 80's. Consequences is John Quick's debut novel and it makes me excited to see what horrific goodness he comes up with in the future."
-Angela Crawford,
Horror Maiden's Reviews

"One of the things that I really loved about Consequences was that it was written in a style that is reminiscent of vintage slasher films. If there is one thing I love as much as horror literature, it is a good horror movie. Between the  brutal opening scene that sets the tone for the novel and the killer begins picking off victims one by one, Quick does a great job capturing the style of vintage slasher films. There is also some great tension because after their initial confrontation, the killer obviously gets away and they are left wondering if he is coming back for them. That brings up a level of psychological torment that has them constantly looking over their shoulder and it also serves as a catalyst for the growth of the characters."
-Rich Duncan,
The Horror Bookshelf

"Friday the 13th Part 2 meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High! This is a terrific debut for Mister John Quick! The pacing and writing are as smooth as a baby's round rosy butt, even when the content is disturbing and freaky! All in all, a wholly enjoyable read!"
-Somer Canon,
Author of Vicki Beautiful