Monday, January 25, 2016

One Door Closes, Another Opens

I heard back from Samhain Publications regarding my submission of Consequences this morning, and unfortunately it was a "no". Honestly, I somewhat expected that, so while it's still disappointing and - no sense lying about it - hurts a good deal, it wasn't really a shock when I read the email.

I could go into a rant over why I think it was ultimately rejected and how "if things were different..." and all that, but what would be the point? Things happen like they're supposed to, and to rant and rave otherwise would be unprofessional. So I won't.

What I will do is what I've already done. I've contacted someone who is willing to work with me on cover art for a really low (read as: nearly nonexistent) budget. I'll also be seeking out someone to do editorial services for me on the same budget. Then, we'll go the self-publishing route. Easy as pie.

Obviously this is still early in the process, so I don't have anything resembling a release date yet. I am shooting for sometime around the end of March or April, but that could change. Also, I am waiting to hear back from Sinister Grin about The Journal of Jeremy Todd, so depending on how that goes my timelines might change anyway.

It's not the news I wanted, but it's not the end of the world. Just have to head down a different road. It's all a part of the process.

So today, I'll mope a bit. Tomorrow is another day, and there's a lot of work to do.

More as it develops!


So a lot can happen in a day....

Since making that post this afternoon, I have managed to get both a cover artist, editor, and eBook formatting lined up for Consequences, all in trade for experience, exposure, and just to be helpful. I also had a Facebook chat with someone tonight that made my day more than they may ever really know, and helped me realize I'm on the right path, it's just going to take some time.

Now if only I'd known when I made this post originally how apt the title would turn out to be....

Monday, January 18, 2016

First Status Update of 2016

Pretty concise title, right? What can I say, I'm saving the creativity for the work.

The Perception of Reality has now passed the fifty percent mark. It's on track to have the first draft complete by the end of the month. This one is up and down for me. Sometimes I think it's running short, other times I think it's running long. I guess the only way I'll know for sure is to look back once it's finished, right?

On the editing front, I finally finished the second draft of One Last Dance. Next I'll be tackling a third draft on Demon at the Window, then it goes into the trunk to await submission or release time. After that, I'll tackle Blood Games so I can get it and PoR out to the beta readers.

So far, Hidden Hearts is receiving decidedly positive feedback from the beta readers who are done with it. My wife actually blew through it in less than a week, which for her is lightning fast to read a book. It's officially her favorite of everything I've written, so it will be the next submission once I do another draft of it. Not sure where yet, but I'll keep you posted.

On the submissions front, I did hear back from the publisher about Consequences - well, sort of. The sixteen week waiting period came and went, and nothing. I emailed for a status report and was informed that due to some staffing changes, they were backlogged. I already knew about the staff changes, and expected this, so I agreed to the additional four weeks they asked me to give them. Hopefully the old adage about good things coming to those who wait proves true there.

I did submit the full manuscript of The Journal of Jeremy Todd back around Christmas, so I'm pretty sure I've still got some time to wait before getting a decision on that one yet. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

And that's where I'm at! I'll keep you all in the loop as more things develop.

Until next time!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Dawning of a New Day

First, Happy 2016 to all!

Today we welcome a new year and all the challenges and rewards that will bring. It is my sincerest wish that all of you see this upcoming year bring you success in all that you do. I'll certainly be shooting for it myself.

I finished 2015 by completing the first draft on Hidden Hearts, and will begin 2016 starting on the fourth Cochran book. I finished six first drafts in as many months; I have no plans to change that now.

I do have a resolution, though. In 2016 I will be releasing at least two books. They may be published by one of the publishers I submitted to, or they may be self-published. But one way or another, they will be coming out.

Wish me luck, and again, Happy New Year to you!