Sunday, September 6, 2015

Demon at the Window Update #2

And another one is finished.

The first draft of Demon at the Window is officially complete. It clocks in at just over 81,000 words and around 260 pages (in MS Word Manuscript Form, formatting will shrink that). There are some strings left untied, but that was by design. At some point, I'll be going back to these characters and telling the story of Jack Cochran's next big case.

For now, the satisfaction of another book under my belt. Once I have the timeline established for Consequences, I'll figure out a potential release date for this one too. Until then, my next step is to format, bind, and print it for my wife (my official First Reader) to read over and give feedback on. Then, editing for the second draft so I can clean it up some. This one won't hit beta reader stage until after the second draft, so if you're one of them and you're waiting on it, sorry, but you need to wait a little longer. This one is a little more complex, so I want to make sure it's right before you get it.

Well, closer to right, anyway.

For now, sleep. Next up, Justicar. The progress meter's updated to reflect this being done, I'll add Justicar to it once I have something to report.

'Night folks!

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