Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Now for My Next Trick...

Here it is, the official cover reveal for my upcoming novella, DAMNATION TRAIL!

How far would you go for justice?

Came the wanderer to the church that bright Sunday afternoon...

He was looking for a preacher, his hope gone hopeless. His heart was heavy, his soul was burdened, and misery had become his existence. He'd lost all he held dear, and found himself involved in something he couldn't get himself out of.

This is his story, how he came to find himself riding on the DAMNATION TRAIL

Experience a new take on a classic story in a classic setting from the author of THE JOURNAL OF JEREMY TODD and MUDCAT,

The sidebar and Bookshelf links will be up later this afternoon, but digital pre-orders are available now over at Amazon for only $1.99, with a print edition coming when it releases on April 17th! Make sure to check it out, and I hope you enjoy it!

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