Friday, February 8, 2019


Okay, it's a little early to celebrate, but I'm going to anyway.

If you've been following along on here, you know I've been struggling with writing thanks to my depression lately. To be completely frank about it, I haven't been able to finish anything novel-length since at least March of last year.

It's looking like that's about to change.

I've referenced HELLFIRE on my progress bar over there, and mentioned it several times on Facebook and Twitter. I started it as my first long-form project since my diagnosis, and now, finally, I can see the end to it in sight. I've already figured out the last three chapters (if I can pull it off in the writing, they should be quite mind-blowing), and am firmly in the third act. I see the end in sight, in other words. I'm feeling that old excitement coming back, and hopefully, that will be enough to see me through.

Two more chapters done the night I write and post this, only a handful left before the climax I set up in the fist. I finally feel that same passion I did when I first started this with an eye toward doing it professionally again. I have to say: that's a glorious feeling.

My life's not where I want it to be; far from it. But at least this one aspect is finally back on track.

And that's cause for celebration!

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